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movies for beginning actors

After another acting lesson, shooting in a cameo role, or playing on stage, you can continue to improve your skills in a passive way.

Looking at the performance of famous actors in legendary films, you will gain experience and approach the dream of an acting career. We present the 10 best cinematography movies that are useful for both beginners and professional actors to watch.

The classics.

You can best study acting by looking at the work of legendary actors. In the first part, we will present 5 best movies, that should be watched by every future actor.

  • The Godfather.

This movie is considered one of the best in cinematography history. The story of godfather Vito Corleone and his sons won the hearts of many connoisseurs of quality movies. The main roles were played by real acting geniuses.

Vito Corleone’s legendary monologue is still quoted in many movies and plays. The film has 3 Oscars and 19 other significant awards.

1972’s The Godfather will not only conquer with a dramatic plot but will also be a great acting lesson for aspiring actors. This movie perfectly expresses the character of the main and secondary characters, teaches not to overplay and to demonstrate emotions correctly.

  • Forrest Gump.

This touching movie can teach you a lot. The main thing is never to never give up and appreciate your life, no matter what it is. The story of a boy named Forrest won’t leave anyone indifferent.

 The main character of the film is played by Tom Hanks. The actor has repeatedly said that he considers this movie the best of his career.

In addition to the inspiring and a little sad plot, this movie will also show a lesson in amazing acting. You’ll see how you can get used to the role and evoke indescribable emotions with your play.

  • The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is the most popular movie adaptation of Batman and Joker’s story. Heath Ledger wasn’t the first actor who played the main comic book villain. But this incredible acting should be learned by many actors.

  • Borat.

Playing a comedy role is sometimes much more difficult than a dramatic one. That’s why to gain experience from watching movies, you need to pay attention to this genre.

Sasha Baron Cohen is a master of comedy. In the movie Borat, he gets so used to the role that the audience often forgets that they watch the film, not the real story. This skill will also be useful for novice actors.

  • The Shining.

Madness is considered one of the most difficult emotions for an actor. You need to show madness on the screen not with a comic, but with a serious and even frightening condition.

A classic example of a well-played madness is the role of Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining.  The actor gets so used to the role that the audience involuntarily gets goosebumps of horror.

5 old movies

20th-century movies can’t surprise with a lot of special effects. But acting can teach a lot of modern actors. Here are the 5 more must-see movies.

  • The Apartment (1960);
  • L’ventura (1960);
  • I clowns (1970)
  • Seven samurai (1954)
  • The Birds (1963)

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